May 19, 2022

Grants for Urban Forestry Research – Due Sept. 15

Grants are available for up to $30,000 from the Bob Skiera Memorial Fund for research related to urban forestry. Funding is for studies that will help arborists and urban foresters communicate the value of trees and forests through collaborative research and other projects with public works officials, risk assessment professionals, civil engineers, wildlife researchers, soil scientists, and others.

TREE Fund welcomes research proposals from a wide range of academic and technical disciplines of qualitative and quantitative nature.

The 2022 Building Bridges Grant(s) focus on research or engaging interaction between urban forest managers and other professionals committed to maximizing the value and use of urban forest resources.

Some items included:

  • Quantitative or qualitative analysis of urban forest benefits to humans and communities.
  • Policy formation and program implementation.
  • Nature-based solutions.
  • Ecosystem services.
  • Planning for and implementing tree-diversity programs.

Applicants must submit a letter of inquiry before applying.

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