February 28, 2019

Congratulations to the City of Franklin

From left to right: James Powell, Commissioner; Herbert Williams, Commissioner; Larry Dixon Mayor; Brownie Bennett, Commissioner; Wendall Stewart Sr., Commissioner, KLC Personnel Specialist Andrea Shindlebower Main and Courtney Risk Straw, KLC Personnel Services Attorney. 

Franklin is now only the Second City to Complete Re-Certification Status through the KLC Certified City of Ethics Program 

Certification under the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) Certified City of Ethics Program is a way to recognize cities and city officials that have adopted principles and procedures that offer guidance on ethical issues, and a mechanism to resolve complaints at the local level. In addition, this program increases public trust and confidence in city governments and their services through the training and recognition that this program promotes.

Residents and businesses expect efficiency, inclusiveness, and ethical leadership from local government.  Aspire to be a KLC Certified City of Ethics.