March 12, 2019

2020 Census Complete Count Committees

Complete Count Committees:  2020 Census - How to Get Involved

The 2020 Census provides an opportunity for everyone to be counted. Local governments play a key role in developing partners to educate and motivate residents to participate in the 2020 Census.  Check out the Census website to learn more about Complete County Committees. 

Download the brochure.  

When community members are informed, they are more likely to respond to the census. Through collaborative partnerships, the U.S. Census Bureau and community leaders can reach the shared goal of counting EVERYONE in 2020.

The Complete Count Committees (CCC) program is key to creating awareness in communities all across the country.  Complete Count Committees are being established in counties across Kentucky to localize Census efforts. Collecting accurate input is vital, since Census data directly impacts legislative redistricting and more than $675 billion annually in federal funding allocations for transportation, education and emergency management.

For more information, contact:  
Michelle L. Elison, Kentucky Partnership Specialist
Philadelphia Regional Census Center
U.S. Census Bureau
M: 859-619-9386