March 27, 2019

KLC Information Central-All Things City-Related.

How do you explain local option sales tax to the public? What are the correct steps when considering annexation?  How does your city manage cost-of-living adjustments?  

Find the answers to common city questions on KLC’s Information Central section, the most up-to-date and comprehensive source for information about Kentucky municipalities.   Information Central is a topical guide to the most pertinent issues facing Kentucky’s municipal governments.

All topics are listed alphabetically and can be found via the A-Z index at the top of each page or by using the search bar. Each topic includes a summary, a list of additional resources, a list of other related topics, and content-specific contacts at KLC. The resources provided under each topic are pooled from both KLC publications and relevant external links.

If you haven’t checked it out, go to Information Central and make it your first source for city data and resources.