April 3, 2019

COPS Community Policing Development (CPD)-Due May 28

More details and application information. 

U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Community Policing Development (CPD) funds are used to advance the practice of community policing in law enforcement agencies through training and technical assistance, demonstration projects, the development of innovative community policing strategies, guidebooks, and promising practices that are national in scope and responsive to the solicitation topic requirements.

The 2019 CPD program will fund projects that develop knowledge, increase awareness of effective community policing strategies, increase the skills and abilities of law enforcement and community partners, increase the number of law enforcement agencies and relevant stakeholders using proven community policing practices and institutionalize community policing practice in routine business. The COPS Office, a federal provider of innovative, customer-focused resources that address the continuing and emerging needs of those engaged in enhancing public safety through community policing, has designed the CPD solicitation to address critical topics in the law enforcement field by building on the principles of community policing.

The 2019 CPD program has been established to fund specific projects related to the following topic areas:

Increasing the Capacity for Change Through the Implementation of Innovative Recruitment Strategies
Designing a Public and Officer Safety Dashboard
Protecting Youth Through the Implementation of School Safety Recommendations
Translating Crime Reduction Best and Emerging Practices for Small and Rural Agencies
Building a Campaign to Improve the Reporting of Hate Crimes
Improving Law Enforcement Coordination and Information Sharing in Response to Endangered Youth
Innovative Uses of Technology to Address Crime
Emerging Issue Forums
Training for Law Enforcement: Developing New Skill Building Courses to Advance Public Safety
Building Bridges between Law Enforcement and Youth
Blue Alert Network Support
Open Category, and Invitational Applications.

Proposals should be responsive to the topic selected, significantly advance the field of community policing, and demonstrate an understanding of community policing as it pertains to the application topic.

Program Contact:
COPS Office Response Center
Phone: (800) 421-6770