May 2, 2019

Strategies for Policing Innovation Grants-Due June 11

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Cities are eligible for U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Strategies for Policing Innovation (SPI) funds which provide resources and opportunities to enable police agencies to identify and define their most pressing crime problems and institute lasting operational and organizational changes that foster reliance on and effective use of evidence-based practices, data, and technology.

Recipients of funding under the FY 2019 SPI program will test promising crime prevention, response, and reduction practices; implement evidence-based strategies; improve the effectiveness and efficiency of police agencies’ processes and procedures; implement and test justice information sharing technology; and establish a system for evaluating their effectiveness.

Applicants may submit an application under the following purpose areas:
Purpose Area 1 - Supporting Innovation
Purpose Area 2 - Responding to Precipitous Increases in Crime through applied technologies and/or improved justice information sharing.

Program Contact: (800) 518-4726