May 2, 2019

Innovations in Community-Based Crime Reduction Grants-Due June 25

This U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) grant program focuses on concentrated ‘hot spots’ of crime within communities.

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The CBCR Program directly supports the Department of Justice’s priorities to reduce violent crime, dismantle gang activity, assist communities struggling with drug abuse, and support law enforcement agencies by integrating enforcement strategies into community-based crime reduction efforts.The CBCR model is based on the principle that sustainable reductions in violent crime require collaboration among partners in the criminal justice system, service providers, and the communities they serve.

These partnerships extend to community development corporations and private businesses that are linked to CBCR in local revitalization efforts.For this solicitation, community is defined broadly as a geographic area that has social meaning for its residents. In urban areas, the term community may be used interchangeably with neighborhood to describe a specific geographic area that is delineated by major streets or other landmarks. In urban areas, a community is typically fewer than two miles wide, while in rural and tribal areas it is often larger and part of an entire county.

The Bureau of Justice Assistance will focus its consideration for award recommendations on the stated capacity of the applicant to utilize a full-time site coordinator and effectively lead efforts to achieve CBCR objectives; identification of types of crime to be addressed; geographic diversity; sustainability; past performance; and available funding.In FY 2019, the CBCR program will give priority consideration to rural jurisdictions facing increases or high sustained levels of Part I violent crimes (as defined under the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program) overall or specific crime types such as gang-related criminal activity.Eligible applicants. 

Program Contact: (800) 518-4726