May 22, 2019

Request for Qualifications Executive Search/Consultant Firm

Section I - Purpose

This Request for Qualifications solicits proposals from qualified executive search consultant firms to assist the Kentucky League of Cities in its search efforts for the selection of a Director of Claims in accordance with the terms, conditions and specifications contained in this Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

Section II - Background

Kentucky League of Cities, Inc. (KLC) is a Kentucky non-stock, non-profit corporation which offers a range of services to over 380 Kentucky cities in exchange for the payment of annual dues. These services include legislative advocacy, legal, policy development, research, training and community development services. KLC also serves as the administrative service organization for several affiliated entities offering a variety of insurance and financing options tailored specifically for cities. KLC’s governmental affairs department advocates for city-related issues.

Section III - Proposal Requirements

Interested vendors should submit:

  1. A brief history of their firm.

  2. A list of key personnel of the firm who will be directly involved in working with the Kentucky League of Cities. This information should provide a brief resume, including years employed by the executive search firm and specific search process that the individual has been involved with that have resulted in successful employment within association arena.

  3. The firm should submit the following concerning current and past clients:

    • A list of current and past clients in the firm in searches for Directors of Claims including: name, title, phone/fax numbers of references for at least five recent comparable clients where searches have been completed.
    • A list of clients that the firm will not recruit from as a result of prior agreements.
  4. As part of the proposal, the firm should submit the following:
    • A detailed list of services that will be provided by the search firm.
    • A detailed list of steps in the search for the Director of Claims.
    • Cost of services including hourly rates, if applicable, commensurate with the detail list of services.

Section IV - General

  1. Proposals should be emailed to:

    Jeri McCullough

    Business Relations Manager
    Kentucky League of Cities
    100 E. Vine Street, Suite 800
    Lexington, KY 40507

  2. Proposals must be received in Kentucky League of Cities offices no later than 5:00 p.m. (EDT) on June 7, 2019. It is the responsibility of the vendor to see that the proposal is received.

  3. The Kentucky League of Cities may reject any and all proposals and bears no responsibility for any costs of preparing any proposal.

  4. Questions pertaining to the RFQ should be directed to:

    Jeri McCullough

    Kentucky League of Cities