June 7, 2019

Leadership KY Program for ARC Region Young Leaders

On June 7, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) approved a $500,000 grant for the Leadership Kentucky Foundation to help create a new leadership program targeting young professionals in the Kentucky Appalachian corridor named BRIGHT Kentucky.

BRIGHT Kentucky is made possible by the ARC grant and private funding from the Whitaker Foundation and others.

BRIGHT Kentucky is designed to build the capacity of next-generation (average age 20-40) leaders in the Appalachian region of Kentucky to innovate, collaborate, and advance community and economic development. BRIGHT Kentucky will engage bright, entrepreneurial minds from all sectors and regions to offer non-partisan, ethical leadership training, expanded networks, and mentors designed especially for residents of the 54 Kentucky counties of the ARC.

We are thrilled to offer a program specifically for Eastern Kentuckians. We are now accepting applications for the program.

The application deadline is June 28. 

If you, a younger city leader or someone you know may be interested in participating, please contact Leadership Kentucky.  

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