June 10, 2019

City Officials asked to take KY Supreme Court Survey

Justice for All: Civil Legal Resources Survey.  Please complete by July 1.   

The Kentucky League of Cities has been asked to encourage participation in an important grant-funded study being conducted by the Kentucky Supreme Court’s Kentucky Access to Justice Commission (KAJC). 

In its initial phase, KAJC is conducting an inventory of Kentucky’s resources for those individuals needing civil legal services. In particular, the study targets low-to-moderate-income individuals who often find themselves bewildered by legal problems that can cause even more negative events.

KAJC’s goals by May 2020 are to:

  • identify resources that are currently available; 
  • glean what gaps and barriers exist; 
  • develop recommendations to both prioritize and leverage the resources available; and
  • ultimately assist individuals to be productive members of our communities.

Civil legal issues include those related to debt, domestic violence, child custody, eviction and more. While criminal issues are not being studied, many of those issues crossover into civil needs. For instance, KAJC found that the addiction epidemic has spotlighted and grown the need for the expungement of criminal records to achieve job placement.

City officials, including police chiefs, are asked to complete a survey especially designed to gather the needed information. Following analysis of the data, KAJC will work with a variety of individuals and entities to discover gaps and barriers.

Please complete the survey here by July 1, 2019.  

Please contact Glenda Harrison, Executive Director, KY Access to Justice Commission at 502-564-5493 with questions or additional information. 

Thank you.