June 13, 2019

KY Bond Corp. Helps Three More Cities Start Projects

KLC's Financial Services just closed its most recent KBC bond issue with more than $11 million in projects.

We welcome the chance to see progress move forward in the
City of Lynnview (street paving projects)
City of Augusta, Kentucky (public pool renovations) and 
City of Olive Hill (water system and energy savings projects) 

More than half of Kentucky cities have used KLC Financial Services. 

Success Story: “Summertime Fun in Augusta”

The citizens of Augusta will once again be spending their Summer days relaxing at the city pool. Having been closed since the Summer of 2017 and waiting for repairs, the City of Augusta reached out to Kentucky League of Cities to help obtain financing to help cover the costs of the necessary repairs. The city was able to finance the deal through our Kentucky Bond Corporation over a ten year period at an average bond coupon rate of 2.9 percent! If your city wants to take advantage of these low rates, contact KLC Financial Services to see how we can help make your project a reality.

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