October 16, 2019

Brownfields-Free Site Assessments and FY 2020 Grants

U.S. EPA FY20 Grant Guidance Released

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released guidance for the FY 2020 Brownfield Grants. This round of federal grants includes funding for assessment, cleanup and revolving loan fund activities. Assessment grants allow communities to inventory, characterize, assess, conduct cleanup planning and engage in community involvement for sites in their communities. Cleanup grants are used to perform remediation activities at brownfield sites. Revolving Loan Fund Grants are used to establish grant and loan programs for cleanup activities. Multi-Purpose (MP) Grants, used to provide funding to conduct a range of eligible assessment and cleanup activities at one or more brownfield sites in a target area, will not be offered this year, but should be available again in FY21. The grants are open to local governments, nonprofits and quasi-governmental agencies.

Guidance for both grants and other valuable information, including Frequently Asked Questions and changes in this year’s guidance, are posted on the EPA Brownfield funding page. Grant Writing Resources, including checklists, sample support letters and successful grant applications, can be found on the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program website. Grants are due to the EPA on Dec. 03, 2019.

There will not be a formal grant review this year, however, the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program staff can provide review and feedback on grant applications as well as staff from the regional New Jersey Institute of Technology Technical Assistance for Brownfields.

If you are interested in submitting a grant application or want to learn more about how to utilize federal brownfield grants and state resources for properties in your community with an environmental past, contact Elizabeth McNulty or Eric Eisiminger at the number below. 

No Cost Environmental Site Assessments from the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program 

Interested in redeveloping a property with an environmental past? You should always perform your environmental due diligence prior to purchasing property or accepting property as a gift. This is not only the first step in establishing a liability defense, it is also an eligibility requirement for the EPA Cleanup Grants. The good news is that the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program and the EPA’s Targeted Brownfield Assessment Program can provide these assessments for local governments, quasi-governmental agencies and nonprofits free of charge prior to taking ownership of the property. If you are interested in pursuing a redevelopment project, contact the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program to see if your site is eligible for either service. Both programs can also perform a Phase II assessment to determine the scope of the site’s environmental issues, if needed.  For more information, check out the Targeted Brownfield Assessment webpage.

With questions, please contact Elizabeth McNulty or Eric Eisiminger at 502-782-6189.
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