October 24, 2019

Coming to a Wall Near You: 2020 Safety Calendars

Each year, Kentucky League of Cities Insurance Services provides two training calendars for pool participants.  This is one more tool KLC provides for its members.  Managers, supervisors and chiefs use the calendars for far more than checking the date!  

The loss control safety calendar provides monthly training topics for city staff in order to mitigate risk and increase safety. The calendar addresses everything from shoring and trenching to proper lifting to timely topics such as hazardous trash/drug litter. 

For police, the KLC Law Enforcement calendar provides roll call topics and also includes collateral quizzes, sample forms and additional resources, making it easy to train on timely topics throughout the year.    

It is recommended that all employees keep a record of safety and health training.  These records provide good reference information and can provide evidence of good faith andcompliance with OSHA standards.  Training in the proper performance of any job is time and money well spent - an investment rather than an expense.

KLC Insurance Services members can request additional copies on a first come, first served basis.  Contact your KLC Loss Control contact or check with KLC for extras.   

This year's Safety Training calendar cover features our KLC Insurance Services Loss Control team at Lexington's Keeneland Race Track.  The Law Enforcement calendar featured photo is from the Richmond Police Department.