December 3, 2019

It's Not Too Late to Submit Your Wage & Salary Survey

See if your city has completed the survey (as of December 16).

Download a PDF to complete electronically.

Download an Excel workbook to complete electronically.

The Kentucky League of Cities is finalizing the 2020 Wage and Salary Survey of Kentucky Cities. It is important that we have 100% participation.

City clerks or human resource officials received a paper copy of the survey; however, a PDF and a Microsoft Excel version of the survey can be completed electronically! The electronic versions have helpful tips and reminders throughout the survey, and you can simply email it back to KLC at your convenience.

If your city has not yet submitted information for the Wage and Salary Survey, please contact Joseph Coleman at 800-876-4552 to discuss how you can still be included. It is a vital part of KLC’s research and is one of the most frequently used resources in cities.

Those individuals who complete and return their surveys to KLC will get the following:

  • A free copy of the 2020 edition of the Wage and Salary Survey of Kentucky Cities report; and
  • Free access to run your own city-by-city salary comparisons on the KLC website.