November 19, 2020

Apply for the 2021 All-America City Award

Letters of intent are due by December 1, 2020.

In June 2021, the National Civic League will once again recognize 10 communities as All-America Cities for building equitable and resilient communities.

To apply to become a 2021 All-America City, applicants will need to describe the strength of their civic capital - the formal and informal relationships, networks and capacities they use to make decisions and solve problems - and to provide examples of community-driven projects that have adapted and transformed the community to be more equitable and resilient.

Five Kentucky cities have achieved this distinction thus far – Danville, Hopkinsville, Louisville, Owensboro and Pikeville.

Below are some marketing materials to encourage member cities to apply and become a 2021 All-America City.

For more information go to the National Civic League website.