February 12, 2021

Old National Bank Community Grants - due April 28

More information on these grants

Grants to positively impact communities. Funding is intended to promote communities that seek to achieve impactful programming and improve the local quality of life. Program areas include affordable housing, economic development, workforce development, financial literacy, and education. Eligible applicants are located in a community in which there is a branch of Old National Bank. With the impact of COVID-19, priority is given to applicants who are providing services dedicated to community stabilization and recovery within the funding priorities.

ority consideration is given to programs that serve low- to moderate-income populations/communities and small businesses. As part of the Fund's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, they also seek to support programs that focus specifically on enhancing opportunities for education, economic empowerment, mentorship, and inclusion for underrepresented people and communities. Examples of funding priorities with measurable outcome focus areas include:

Affordable Housing:  Increase homeownership opportunities, Promote multi-family housing developments, Enhance neighborhood stabilization and vitalitythrough home revitalization and repairs

Economic Development:  Increase neighborhood revitalization initiatives.  Strengthen community resource infrastructureIncrease business development and growth

Workforce Development: Build skills/knowledge and improve achievement gainIncrease entrepreneurship initiatives and businesscoaching/trainingIncrease job creation, employment entry, and retention

Education Achievement: Improve educational readiness and achievementIncrease access to quality educationIncrease access to impactful mentoring programs

Financial Literacy: The Bank's Real-Life Finance e-learning curriculum provides robust financial literacy training for community partners at no charge.