April 23, 2021

Local Terrorism Activities Prevention Grants - due May 25

Department of Homeland Security

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The Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program provides funding to implement local prevention frameworks and explore innovative prevention approaches. Program priorities include preventing domestic violent extremism, enhancing local threat assessment and management capabilities, implementing innovative solutions for preventing targeted violence and terrorism, and challenging online violence mobilization narratives.

Program objectives include raising awareness of radicalization to violence; raising awareness of the risk factors for radicalization to violence; engaging the broadest set of local stakeholders that sustain trusted partnerships and increased communications addressing radicalization to violence; ensuring that members of the local community have the ability to act on their awareness training by knowing how to contact threat assessment and management teams; ensuring that members of the local community have access to multi-disciplinary threat assessment and management teams; and ensuring that the local community has a variety of programs that address risk factors while also providing services supporting threat management approaches.

The application deadline is May 25, 2021.