May 20, 2021

Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative - due July 6

Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative for Law Enforcement Agencies - U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ)

Deadline:  July 6, 2021

Additional Information

The Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative is awarding grants on a competitive basis to small law enforcement agencies and prosecutors’ offices in rural locations. These grants will support improved training and technology, expanded community-based crime prevention programs, and partnerships with victim services providers. This initiative is intended to improve communication and collaboration between state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve in order to address the unique criminal justice challenges in rural areas.


  • City governments
  • County governments
  • Native American tribal governments (Federally recognized)

This solicitation is limited to agencies serving rural communities. To qualify as rural for the purposes of this solicitation, an applicant must provide services in a rural area, although the jurisdiction’s service area need not be exclusively rural. This definition holds for all entity types. For any municipality, the area must be considered rural and the population served must not exceed 15,000, based on the latest U.S. Census enumeration.

Program Contact:
For assistance with any non-technical requirements of this solicitation, please contact the Response Center by telephone at 800–851–3420 or TTY: 301–240–6310 (hearing impaired only)   Email listed here under "Contact Information."