November 9, 2018

KLC Mission

KLC Mission Statement
The Kentucky League of Cities serves as the united voice of cities by supporting community innovation, effective leadership and quality governance.

KLC's Core Values serve as the cultural foundation of the organization.  They embody the spirit and collective conscience of KLC and its employees. Our core values describe how we fulfill our mission by representing the enduring ideals and principles that guide all of our actions. 

We believe:

  • Kentucky's cities play an essential role in shaping the future of the Commonwealth.
  • Local decisions are best made at the local level.
  • Our exceptional services and products help cities function effectively and enhance the quality of life within communities.
  • Building and cultivating relationships with governments, organizations, and individuals furthers the mission of KLC.

We embrace:

  • Customer service based on attentive listening and measured by timely and appropriate responses.
  • Credibility built on a commitment to high ethical standards, accountability, competence, and nonpartisanship.
  • Teamwork and continuous learning that drives improvement and innovation.
  • Caring and mutual respect that fosters a supportive working environment.