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Date Posted: 11/9/2021 8:32:59 AM


Under general supervision, maintains public law and order, protects life and property, prevents crimes, conducts investigations concerning unlawful activity, apprehends violators of the law, and assists citizens in solving problems. The following tasks are typical for this position, other duties may be assigned: Performs arrests and searches relative to law enforcement activities in accord with applicable laws governing such activities. Protects the public’s rights under the law. Patrols assigned areas of the City on foot, in a patrol vehicle, bicycle, or other means of transportation, observing unlawful activity and taking corrective action as necessary. Investigates incidents and prepares necessary reports to required standards. This includes preparing reports on police activity, taking measurements, making diagrams, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and other related activity. Performs traffic control and enforces traffic laws. Assists the public by giving directions, answering questions and seeking solutions to problems brought to the officer's attention. Operates a patrol vehicle equipped with a police radio, computer, radar unit, emergency lights, and siren. Enforces DUI laws and processes intoxicated drivers in accordance with applicable laws and procedures. Prepares detailed police reports of crimes and collects evidence in accordance with department standards. Maintains a proper evidence chain. Coordinates various work activities with other law enforcement agencies. Provides courtroom testimony as required. Performs public relations work as assigned. Participates in and actively supports department community-oriented policing philosophies and related programs. Detains, arrest, transports, and processes prisoners. Drive an automobile and possess a valid operator’s license. Pass annual firearm qualifications. Use and maintain essential equipment such as firearms, batons, flashlights, chemical sprays, ECD device, handcuffs, radios, computers, copiers, typewriters, cellular phones, etc. Maintain Kentucky law Enforcement Council Certification Serve warrants, DVO's, EPO's and make forcible arrests. Testify in court. Keep written reports of crimes, accidents, incidents in conformity with procedures, and write citations as warranted. Control traffic and spectators at the scene of an emergency or crime or large gatherings. Respond to and investigate vehicular accidents that may include hazardous materials/chemicals. Assist in rescue operations and render medical aid in emergencies. Physical ability to pursue suspects while running, climbing and scaling obstacles. Evaluate potentially volatile situations and deal with them in an appropriate manner. Actively participate in training courses as a student. Take control of a crime scene, secure and preserve evidence, and interview witnesses. In addition to the above salary Covington Police Officers are eligible for the following benefits: $4000 Annual KLEFPF incentive Scheduled Step-in Grade pay increases up to $65,289.43 11.5 paid holidays ($2539.20 per year- increases with step in grade) 15 days of annual vacation leave (Increases with step in grade up to a maximum of 30 days) 4 personal days per year Paid sick leave Industry-leading health benefits Employer-paid life insurance College Tuition Reimbursement Uniform and clothing allowance ($1000 per year) Longevity pay and shift differential pay Access to the CTK Health and Wellness Center Membership in the Kentucky Public Pensions Authority Up to $1500 sick leave incentive Take-home vehicle program (dependent on probationary period completion and distance to the residence) Eligibility requirements for the position of Covington Police Officer Applicants must meet the following prerequisite requirements for the position of police officer: (a) Be at least 21 years of age, as evidenced by a birth certificate presented. (b) Be a citizen of the United States. (c) Be an orderly, law-abiding citizen with no prior felony convictions. (d) Be able to read, write, and understand the English Language. (e) Be a high school graduate or possess a High School Equivalency Diploma. *In addition to a high school diploma the City of Covington requires the completion of at least 30 credit hours at an accredited college or university with an average grade of "C" or 24 months of continuous active duty in regular military service with an honorable discharge. (f) Possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle. (g) Not be prohibited by Federal or state law from possessing a firearm. (h) Have not had certification as a peace officer revoked in another state. Education Completion of at least 30 credit hours at an accredited college or university with an average grade of "C" or above or 24 months of continuous active duty in regular military service with an honorable discharge or 5 years continuous employment as a municipal, county or state police officer. Testing, Examinations, & Evaluations All candidates must successfully complete a written examination, physical agility, oral interview, psychological, polygraph, and background examinations, including fingerprints.

Salary Information: $45,935.18 per year
Application Deadline: 01/03/2022

Please apply at: https://www.covingtonky.gov/job-listings and go to Police Officer- Entrance Exam

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