City Officials Training Center

The Kentucky League of Cities is the foremost provider of educational and training opportunities for city leaders. No one knows cities like we do, and we strive to provide affordable and accessible “nuts and bolts” education to help you do your job at city hall.

The City Officials Training Center is a voluntary continuing education program administered by KLC. City officials can complete educational levels by attending KLC training events and submitting outside training credit from other municipal training. There is no charge to enroll. If you attend KLC training, your credit is tracked automatically.

Certificate Levels

Level I - Achievement in City Governance

  • 29 hours of Approved Courses
  • 1 hour of Ethics

Level II - Excellence in City Governance

  • 58 hours of Approved Courses
  • 2 hours of Ethics

Level III - Master of City Governance

  • 87 hours of Approved Courses
  • 3 hours of Ethics

Certified Municipal Officer

  • 135 hours of Approved Courses
  • 2 hours of Open Meetings and Open Records
  • 1 hour of Ethics
  • Only certain courses qualify for this program. 

Each level can be achieved with up to 10 hours of approved outside credit. Credits are valid for three years. All courses approved for the City Officials Training Center program are also approved for the Training Incentive Program (HB 119).