Personnel Services

KLC Personnel Services provides several services to Kentucky cities. From answering your questions about personnel law to drafting policies to providing trainings, Andrea is here to help!

Cities should always consult with their city attorney before implementing changes.

Personnel Policy Review And Updates

Cities are unique. When it comes to personnel issues, you need someone who not only has expertise in personnel law and human resource matters, but someone who knows municipal law as well. Andrea works with cities to review and draft city personnel policies. Contact them for additional details or download our informational brochure

Certified City of Ethics

The KLC Certified City of Ethics program recognizes cities and city officials that have adopted principles and procedures that offer guidance on ethical issues, and a mechanism to resolve complaints at the local level.

Legal Questions

Whether hiring, firing, disciplining, or promoting an employee, even the most seasoned city official can face unexpected roadblocks without proper preparation. Day-to-day personnel issues, like crafting job descriptions to handling FMLA or other leaves of absence to posting the correct labor posters, can lead to bigger issues if not handled correctly. Additionally, when ethics issues come up, cities often have questions of how to proceed. If your city is facing a personnel decision or ethics dilemma—big or small—valuable services and resources are just a phone call or email away.


Andrea not only provides trainings to cities at several of KLC’s annual conferences and webinars, but she can also assist cities with individualized trainings such as Certified Drug Free Workplace, hiring and retention, discipline and termination, wage and hour laws, personnel files, managing leaves of absence, performance management, customer service, sensitivity, diversity and harassment, as well as basic supervisory skills. Cities completing the personnel policy update can choose to have a customized training for their employees on the new employee handbook.

Additional Resources

Are you drafting a new job description and have writer’s block? Is your city considering a new social media policy? Are you looking to update your leave policies? KLC Personnel Services have various model policies, samples, and checklists to help you get started on your next project.