KLC Statute Library

We receive calls all the time about the powers and duties that the city government, boards, or commissions have under state law.

We realize hearing, “the answer can be found in the statutes” is a daunting answer to receive to these types of questions. Statutes are not contained in some magical spell book. There is no forbidden wisdom in a statutory codebook. You do not need a law school education to understand their meaning. We PROMISE!

As a service and resource to our members, we wanted to remove some of the mystique from the law by compiling this KLC Statutory Library. These are simple pdf documents containing the entire portion of Kentucky Revised Statutes as to the different subject matters.

Feel free to use this guide in any way that you deem fit. The reason we wanted to present this as a pdf though is because a pdf does have just a little bit of magic, truth be told. A pdf is word searchable. If you have the pdf on a laptop during a meeting and an issue comes up - you can plug the words in and hopefully the relevant portion of the law will pop up. Failing that, you can always call the KLC Municipal Law Department at 800.876.4552.

Finally, if there is a subject matter you would like to see addressed in the library, please contact Chris Johnson at 859.977.3709.

The KLC Municipal Law Team