Kentucky League of Cities Investment Pool

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) understands better than any other organization the rising costs associated with municipal services and pension liability. That’s why we are constantly working to develop beneficial programs to protect and maximize local resources. 

House Bill 69 is one of many KLC initiatives that passed during the 2019 legislative session. The bill gives local governments and school districts expanded investment options. As a result of HB 69, the Kentucky League of Cities Investment Pool has been re-established as an investment tool within the limited municipal revenue landscape. Local governments will now have new investment options, including corporate bonds and equities. 

Like our member-driven insurance and finance programs, the KLC Investment Pool brings the strength of KLC. It uses a model that allows each member to invest based on their own financial goals and needs. Members benefit from the program's economies of scale and may obtain asset management at a lower cost. 

The KLC Investment Pool is administered by KLC, governed by a board of trustees comprised of Kentucky local leaders, and managed and advised by PNC Institutional Asset Management. The Pool may complement your local banking relationships. 

As a tool created for cities, the KLC Investment Pool emphasizes safety, easy access, and a competitive yield. Whether your city is seeking safety and liquidity for surplus funds or long-term growth for CERS pension fund payments, the Pool, through the expertise and advice of PNC, can provide individualized options. 

To participate in the KLC Investment Pool, your city must have a Model Investment Policy in place. KLC has developed a sample policy for this purpose. Cities can join the Pool at any time. 

Email Robyn Miller or call 859.977.3700 with any questions.