Legal Inquiries

The Department for Municipal Law and Training responds to general questions about municipal law by providing and/or discussing existing written opinions, regulations, statutes, cases, or articles.

Inquiries are accepted from elected or appointed city officials in KLC member cities, media, and other governmental agencies. The legal staff avoids involvement in fact-specific disputes between city officials and will defer the inquirer to their city attorney unless all individuals involved in the dispute have made a request to the department. 

Written inquiries received via email, fax, or letters will be responded to by either telephoning the individual making the inquiry or responding with existing opinions, regulations, statutes, cases, or articles that relate to the question presented. The legal staff does not generally give a written opinion by email, fax, or letter.

To submit a question by telephone, contact the legal staff at 1-800-876-4552.

Submit a question via fax at 859-977-3703.

To submit a request by email, see the contacts to the right.