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Accounts are only available to KLC member cities, insurance customers, insurance agents, and existing business partners. If you do not belong to one of these organizations, your account request will not be processed.

Allow access to KLC Insurance Services Site Sections:
  • Policies – Detailed information regarding coverages, premiums, schedules, and policy documents for current and former policies with KLCIS
  • Score Card – Ability to view prior Loss Control Scorecards and submit new scorecards.
  • My KLCIS Team – KLCIS personnel assigned to your account
  • My Profile – Manage the profile for the user logged in

This checkbox provides access to all the information from the KLCIS Insurance Services checkbox AND the following additional functions:

  • Submit new claims
  • View existing claims
  • Claims with Recent activity
  • View Checks (Payments)
  • Claim Reports