Director of Operations

City of Middletown | City of Middletown, KY

Date Posted: 5/16/2023 3:05:37 PM


The Director of Operations is a full-time department head who manages & oversees the city's Public Works Dept, assisting in ordinance enforcement, supporting and helping to maintain daily and weekly task, special events, and manage all physical assets of the city, including but not limited to buildings, parks, roads and sidewalks. The Director of Public Works manages the staff of the Public Works Dept., and works with the Mayor and City Commission on major projects, and budgeting for the Public Works Department. The Director of Operations shall also be the Code Enforcement Officer for the City and support the Mayor and Commission in communicating with the citizens of Middletown.

Salary Information: 53K - 68K
Application Deadline: 06/01/2023

Please email Tracy Dohn at, to receive a complete job description, list of benefits, and to schedule an interview.

Tracy Dohn
PO BOX 43048
Middletown, KY 40243

Phone: 5022452762