January 25, 2022

Can’d Aid Recycling Grants – Ongoing

Grants and in-kind services for programs that promote recycling. Funding is intended to assist organizations with developing and launching programs that address community recycling needs. Ongoing and event-based programs are encouraged. Candidates are assessed based on criteria that includes a program’s potential to be most impactful in terms of waste diversion, recycling education, and Crush it Crusade promotion.

A Crush it Crusade grant will provide recycling bins, training on how to launch and manage a recycling program, and seed funding. Recipients may find that they need one, but not all three resources. For instance, a community park may already have a citywide recycling program but is in need of permanent, outdoor recycling bins.

Can’d Aid approves grants for organizations at all stages of development, launch, and improvement. Seed funding can be used for product, staff/volunteer training, and various supplies needed to get a recycling program off the ground.

All Crush it Crusade grantees are viewed as partners in promoting the importance of recycling, the aluminum can, and the need to eliminate single-use plastic.

There are essentially three types of bins available – outdoor, indoor, and event-based. 

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Contact information: (720) 204-6082