OneKLC Equity and Inclusion Initiative

Serving All

Vibrant communities respect, involve, and serve all their residents. Core to our mission, the Kentucky League of Cities is committed to modeling inclusion and belonging for its staff and member city officials. KLC formed the OneKLC Inclusion Taskforce to develop and support a robustly inclusive community where all members engage and belong.

OneKLC team members formed subcommittees to focus on education, employment, community outreach, and accessibility for all. KLC is working on making small but meaningful changes and has successfully carried out several objectives:

  • Updates to the KLC resume review process to exclude information identifying gender, race, ethnicity, and age
  • Analysis of current policies for opportunities to advance the mission of inclusion and belonging
  • Changes to the language used in policies and materials to be more inclusive
  • Intentional focus on diversity in the development of KLC-provided training and content
  • Compilation of minority- and women-owned businesses for inclusion in purchasing and procurement
  • Staff enrichment through cultural education, self-assessment, and discussion
  • Research of inclusion programs among state leagues and government institutions
  • Identification of learning opportunities for KLC staff
  • Development of inclusion and belonging programming for KLC members

KLC will:

  1. Be more intentional about inclusion and belonging efforts
  2. Strengthen and maintain an equitable, diverse, and inclusive work environment
  3. Engage staff members and city officials in understanding implicit biases and expand cultural competencies
  4. Empower city officials to foster and promote inclusive workplaces and community practices
  5. Collaborate and align with various organizations, associations, and educational institutions to further these inclusion and expansion efforts
OneKLC Taskforce Members:
Eleanor Barbour, Corporate Law & Finance
Martha Cosby, Executive Team Member
Michelle DeMattina, Claims
Chris Johnson, Member Legal Services
Jessica Johnston, Accounting
Katie Hook, Accounting
Jenny Klever, Accounting
Adam Mayo, IT
Elizabeth Schepens, Employee Services
Kristen Searcy, Employee Services
Sarah Stoll, Member & Business Development
Scott Tremoulis, Public Affairs

OneKLC Member Training

Moving Beyond Bias

It is vitally important that leaders and managers are open to recognizing and addressing their own implicit biases because they can damage workplace relationships that can ultimately harm the organization. This session will provide tools anyone can use to immediately recognize, understand, and positively address biases.

Previous OneKLC training:

    Equity & Inclusion Matters: How to reduce bias in your workplace

    We all have biases especially the unconscious kind. Unconscious bias gone unchecked could prevent good collaborations, performance and decision making. Unconscious bias creates a space of resentment and frustration. The more frustrated we are the more likely we are to be silent and disengaged. 

    How to reduce bias in your workplace – Check out three key ways to reduce bias at work, according to Just Work cofounders Kim Scott and Trier Bryant.

    With questions regarding the KLC Equity and Inclusion initiative, contact KLC Corporate Compliance Officer Eleanor Barbour.