March 29, 2024

KLC Offers Dine Like A Diplomat® Training

Have you ever experienced a moment like the scene in the movie “Pretty Woman” where you arrive at the dinner table and have no idea which fork to use, or food flies through the air or rolls off of your plate?

KLC now offers a fantastic new soft skill training opportunity to our member cities, so hopefully you won’t have to endure the embarrassing scenes as described above! It is called Dine Like A Diplomat® - a training course focused on dining, etiquette, and protocol facilitated by one of our very own staff members who is a licensed corporate etiquette and international protocol consultant.

The soft skills presented in this hands-on training will help your elected officials, board members, and staff distinguish themselves from the crowd. These skills will propel them to explore new markets, develop opportunities worldwide, and master techniques necessary to build lasting relationships and “outclass the competition.”®

Why are these soft skills so important, you ask? You can project confidence and authority in both municipal and business settings, gain certain skills to handle yourself well at a cocktail party or dinner table that will set you apart in the workplace, and learn how to leave a lasting impression starting from the table.

The facilitator has had several of her own “Pretty Woman” moments, including a time she spilled both red wine and coffee during the same meal at a high-level military dinner! She wants to ensure you shine while you dine and don’t have to go through such moments. This training is enjoyable and informative and will also show you that sometimes you just have to go with the flow!

Here’s what those who attended Dine Like A Diplomat® are saying:

“Thank you, Sarah*! I’m sharing the slides with my son and also hinting to him to check out some of your diplomatic training. I have been eating Continental style pretty much since the luncheon 😊” 
“I am going to use the skills I learned today during my anniversary dinner with my husband later this week.”

One of my favorite parts of the class was hearing the personal anecdotes provided by Sarah. These helped to provide context for some of the rules of etiquette she was introducing while also adding levity to the whole experience. I would absolutely enjoy taking the class again and would recommend this class to anyone who may encounter a formal work or social event at some point in the future.”

"We really enjoyed sharing another Dining like a Diplomat experience with Sarah! Her knowledge and expertise on all things etiquette as well as hospitality & personal connections is unmatched!”
“Henderson Leadership Initiative always enjoys working with Sarah because of her expertise and because of her style. She presents her information in a way that is fun and non-threatening. She is always readily available and is always willing to listen to our thoughts toward making our vision come to life. I don’t think any of us get tired of her Dine Like a Diplomat curriculum because we continue to walk away with new knowledge- and an appreciation for the lovely time we all experience together.”

*Sarah Stoll, KLC Business Development Manager and Course Instructor

For more information on bringing this unique training opportunity to your city or organization, please contact Sarah Stoll.

Download a Dine Like A Diplomat® Brochure