Complaints Regarding KLC and Affiliated Organizations

The Kentucky League of Cities and its affiliated organizations take seriously any complaints or concerns expressed by our members and other stakeholders regarding the organization’s business and operational practices. Pursuant to the organization’s policy, this section of the KLC website provides a list of contact information for the officers of KLC’s Executive Board and for the officers of each of KLC’s affiliated organizations for the purpose of receiving complaints and resolving other concerns.

Any individual who would like to submit a complaint or express a concern related to KLC or its affiliated organizations may do so by contacting any of the organizational officers listed below. Officers will not accept or initiate an investigation of an anonymous complaint. The individual should identify himself or herself to the officer when submitting a complaint or expressing other types of concerns.

File a complaint with:

KLC Executive Board Officer:

KLCIS Board of Trustees Officer:

KLC Investment Pool Board:

KLC FT Board of Trustees Officer:

Kentucky Bond Corporation Board:

Kentucky Bond Development Corporation Board:

Kentucky Local Government Health Trust Board: