February 14, 2019

HireRight Service for KLCIS members available at a reduced rate

Performing complete background checks on all job applicants result in better hiring decisions.   An improper hire in any position can cause problems in the workplace, including lawsuits. Our Loss Control staff report that most KLCIS members do not perform preemployment background checks on all new hires, often because they do not have a resource to obtain them.*

We are proud to announce that HireRight has agreed to provide us with a reduced rate on their most popular background check. HireRight which was founded in 1995 produced the world's first Internet-based background screening solution. They currently work with many branches of the government as well as major corporations performing preemployment background checks and screenings.

Download this document here.

We are proud to announce that HireRight has agreed to offer all KLCIS customers the following rate:

Advantage Plus + MVR:

$47.26 per applicant for KLCIS members

$73.83 per applicant for nonmembers  

  • Widescreen Plus National Criminal Search
  • Criminal Felony & Misdemeanor - seven (7) years
  • Up to three (3) Counties as Revealed by SSN Trace
  • National Sex Offender Search
  • MVR Report - current state of licensure(c)
  • SSN Trace
  • SSN Validation
  • Onetime Set-up Fee of $150

To take advantage of this offer, contact:
Summer Shields
Sales Executive
949.428.1863 Office
949.246.4155 Cell
949.222.7945 Fax
Email: summer.shields@hireright.com

* KRS 335B.020 states that "(1) No person shall be disqualified from public employment ... solely because of a prior conviction of a crime, unless the crime for which convicted is one described in KRS 335B.010 (4) or otherwise directly relates to the position of employment sought ..."

In addition, cities should also be certain to follow the federal notice requirements in 15 USC 1681b(b)(3) and 15 USC 1681m(a). This can also be requested through HireRight.

For questions about either of these laws please contact the KLC Legal Department at 859.977.3700.