American Fidelity is a KLC Strategic Partner

The Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) works with American Fidelity Assurance Company (American Fidelity) as our new Strategic Partner. American Fidelity focuses on assisting municipalities and other public sector employers across the country to manage the increasing costs, complexities and time requirements related to employee benefit administration.

Learn more about American Fidelity.  

American Fidelity holds a strong reputation locally having served Kentucky public sector employers for over 43 years. They currently assist over 180 Kentucky municipalities, counties, and school districts. This local experience makes them well-suited to help each of our members better manage the key benefit challenges we all share. American Fidelity is known for its customer service and ability to work with members on customized solutions that best fit their needs.

Some of the key areas where American Fidelity is helping our local members include:

  • Section 125 Plan Administration and Compliance Services
  • Deductible Management Solutions
  • Supporting Employee Benefits
  • ACA Reporting, Tracking, and Support
  • Strategic Enrollment Support and Employee Education

With increasing employer concerns in regard to audit activity, ACA compliance, benefit plan design changes, and overall costs, this would be an opportune time to evaluate how our new association-sponsored solutions could provide value to both you and your employees.

Talk with American Fidelity to review how they may be able to assist your city by contacting 
American Fidelity Assurance Company
Contact: Brent Rempe
Phone: 800-654-8489, ext. 2432.  

Should you have questions for KLC staff about this partnership, contact Jeremy Baird, Director of Agency Operations, at 859-977-3700.