March 2, 2020

Cyber Threats Keep you Up at Night? They Should

Cybersecurity is critical for your city.  KLC partners with Sophicity to provide IT in a Box to protect city data, as well as city budgets. 

KLC members save 15% the first year and onboarding and training are FREE. 

Contact Jeri McCullough at KLC or Dave Mims at Sophicity to discuss the program.     

Through Sophicity, KLC’s longtime IT consulting partner, “IT in a Box,” has been providing cities with state-of-the-art information technology tools supported by experienced, highly skilled IT professionals since 2012.  In 2020, Sophicity launched a new pricing structure to make security affordable for all cities through a 15% discount for KLC members.  Unlike other IT providers, Sophicity's specialty is cities... that's what they know and what they do.

From backing up and securing your data to modernizing your website, it’s tough for cities to invest in the right technology and hire the best professional expertise to guide them along. But those investments need to happen. Otherwise, your data and city operations are at risk. To address these needs cost-effectively without taking any shortcuts, we helped create a packaged technology service that we call “IT in a Box."