March 22, 2020

KLC Member Pricing on PPE - Coveralls, Gloves, Alcohol Wipes

Netherlands Rubber has just received a new shipment of coveralls, gloves and alcohol wipes, which are available for purchase by first responders on a first-come, first-served basis.  KLC members will receive special pricing.

View Products and Pricing - Wipes, Gowns and Gloves

Call 859-255-1063 to place a credit card order.

For more information, contact Brian Dickey, KLC Director of Loss Control. 

Also remember that city officials should contact their local health department to receive assets including masks, gowns and gloves

These are assets being received from the strategic national stockpile.  Local health departments will be the lead agencies in coordination of these efforts, but will rely heavily on county and city governments, public safety partners, and health and medical facilities to implement the most effective plan for distribution of these assets in the community.