December 15, 2021

ARPA Portal User Guide Released for Smaller Cities

The United States Department of the Treasury sent to non-entitlement units of local government (NEUs) on Tuesday a new guide for using the reporting portal for American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Local Fiscal Recovery Funds. NEUs – all Kentucky cities except Ashland, Bowling Green, Covington, Elizabethtown, Henderson, Hopkinsville, Lexington, Louisville, and Owensboro – must file their first Project and Expenditure Report by April 30, 2022, but cities should set up their account, designate roles, and submit other information prior to the reporting deadline.

The three main reporting roles include the following:

1. Account administrator 
    • Maintains the names and contact information for the designated individuals for reporting through Treasury’s reporting portal and makes any changes or updates to user roles, if any. 
    • Treasury recommends that the account administrator identify an individual to serve in his or her place in the event of staff changes.
    2. Point of contact for reporting 
    • Serves as the primary contact for receiving official Treasury notifications, including alerts about upcoming reporting, requirements, and deadlines. 
    • This individual also completes the city’s reports.
    3. Authorized representative for reporting 
    • Certifies and submits the official reports on behalf of the city. 
    • This person must communicate with Treasury regarding extension requests and amendments to previously submitted official reports. 
    • Treasury will only accept reports or other official communication from the authorized representative for reporting.

    Each designated person must register with to gain access to Treasury’s reporting portal. One person can perform more than one role, and more than one person can perform a single role.

    City officials who previously registered with, which required a significant amount of personal information, may continue to access Treasury’s portal through that method. Cities must have a free and active registration with the System for Award Management (SAM) prior to submitting the report.

    Cities will need to upload copies of the signed award terms and conditions agreement, signed assurances of compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and actual budget documents validating the top-line budget total the city originally provided to the Department for Local Government (DLG) to access the ARPA funds. Treasury requests NEUs to submit those forms prior to the April 30 deadline.

    Go here to view the user guide for NEUs.

    Go here to view the guide detailing expenditure categories.

    Go here to visit the KLC ARPA Resource Page.