January 31, 2022

Insurance Renewal Surveys Emailed

KLC Insurance Services (KLCIS) emailed members and agents with July 1, 2022, insurance renewals. The messages sent on January 26, 2022, include instructions for accessing the insurance renewal survey via the KLCIS insurance portal. All members are required to complete the renewal survey with their updated exposure information. You may return the survey directly through the portal, or by emailing Suzanne Reed, faxing 859-977-3703, or mailing the following address:

Kentucky League of Cities

100 East Vine Street, Suite 800

Lexington, KY 40507

Attention: Suzanne Reed

Surveys are due by March 7, 2022. You will have a separate survey for each policy that renews on July 1, 2022.

Please be sure that you pay particular attention to your property and equipment schedule as you update the survey. Ensure that you include all items that you would expect your property and equipment insurance to cover in the event of a claim. Examples of items that are sometimes left off are playground equipment, property in the open in parks, and park fences and lights.

In order for KLCIS to continue to provide cyber liability coverage, we need you to be diligent in completing survey sections related to cybersecurity. Please make sure that all questions are answered, including those that require a yes or no response. We will return the survey to you for completion if you have not answered all cybersecurity questions as our cyber liability reinsurance carrier requires the information. The cybersecurity preparedness grant is still available. If you have a liability policy with KLCIS, there is still plenty of time to send in the grant acknowledgment form, which is also available on the insurance dashboard of klc.org.

Last but not least, we have noticed some of the renewal surveys are coming in without a signature or date. Please make sure that your surveys are signed and dated before submitting them. As always, we appreciate you being a part of your member-owned insurance program and look forward to providing your insurance and risk management needs throughout 2022.