February 28, 2022

2022 KLCIS Risk & Safety Conference

KLC invites you to join us next week for the only Risk and Safety Conference in the commonwealth that is geared toward municipal employees. Participants receive specialized training over three days on more than a dozen key topics, including cybersecurity, playground safety, defensive driving, active shooter training, and much more.

This year the conference will be held March 9-11 at the Owensboro Convention Center.

The KLC Insurance Services Risk and Safety Conference is an invaluable way for city officials and those who deal with environmental, safety, and health issues within your community to learn about issues, tactics, trends, and regulations. The information provided will improve efficiency, potentially save lives, and reduce liability claims.

The 2022 Risk and Safety Conference kicks off Wednesday afternoon with a dramatic story that highlights just how important safety is on the job. Gary Norland will talk about a Friday afternoon when a split-second decision forever altered his life. Norland survived a 12,500-volt shock. He will share his story, discuss the contributing factors that led to his injury, and give participants an opportunity to analyze steps that could have changed the outcome. It will be an eye-opening, firsthand review of why risk and safety training is so necessary.

Registration costs are eligible for reimbursement through the KLC Safety Grant for KLC workers’ compensation insurance members. The Owensboro Riverfront Holiday Inn extended its guaranteed rate for conference attendees to March 1.

Register and see the complete agenda here.

Join us next week in Owensboro and learn how to make your city safer for its citizens and employees!