March 17, 2022

Post City Jobs for Free

KLC has Several Services Focused on Workforce and Hiring

Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) members have been telling us hiring and retention is one of their biggest challenges. We listened. 

Like most workforce segments, cities and municipalities continue to find filling workforce positions difficult across the board, and the situation has never been more urgent. KLC is hearing from some members that their workforce woes are at a crisis level. For example, a police or public safety position that would once have had 70-80 applications now may have three or four. And just as concerning is the fast-approaching retirement wave of highly trained and certified utility positions. 

While the public sector was among the most impacted by COVID job losses, most were in public education, not local government. In fact, it was city/county employees, as they always do, who kept services going for residents. 

For more than 10 years, KLC has offered a city job posting page as a service on the KLC website. The user-friendly, self-serve page is one more way KLC can assist cities and one more place members can post jobs.

Some cities make the KLC site a regular step in their job posting process and we know that the pages are getting views. The KLC job post page is always one of the most clicked pages on our website, and it was one of the top five in 2021.

For more than two years, KLC has been actively addressing the workforce issue in several other ways. As a partner with the EKU Corporate Partner program, KLC is making certification and educational pursuits more affordable for KLC members. With the program, KLC members get a 30% discount on any program at EKU, whether online or on-campus. The hope is that the program will benefit current city employees and create a pipeline for the future. KLC is also working on a city intern program.

In addition, KLC’s Member Services Advisory Committee, chaired by Auburn Mayor and KLC Second Vice President Mike Hughes, has identified workforce development as its primary area of focus for 2022. Working with KLC staff, the committee will explore many workforce aspects.

With specific questions about these programs, contact KLC Member Relations Manager Terri Johnson.

Finally, KLC has created critical partnerships around economic development and workforce issues, including the Kentucky Association of Economic Development (KAED). Register for an exciting announcement and member guidance on March 31 about this new member program. Contact KLC Economic & Community Development Manager Tad Long with questions.