KLC Member Book Club

The Kentucky League of Cities Book Club is another way for KLC members to connect. It will highlight books focused on Kentucky communities, programs, individuals, and other exciting topics relevant to cities and leadership. 

2023 Summer Selection

KLC's next virtual discussion will be on June 28 and will feature The Power of 10% by Eric Harvey and Michelle Sedas. Register here

KLC Member Book Club Frequently Asked Questions 

How often will the book club meet? 

The book club will meet virtually at least two times a year. There is no charge to participate. 

How are books selected? 

Selections include interesting and positive books that spotlight Kentucky communities, events, people, and topics related to cities or leadership. 

How do I participate?

Read the selected book and join the conversation at the appointed time. Free registration through klc.org will be required for all participants for each session.

What is the format? 

The format may vary and include author interviews with Q & A and/or group discussions led by a moderator.

Can I recommend a book? 

Yes. Members can call or email Member Relations Manager Terri Johnson to suggest books.

Other important information

  • All participants are responsible for obtaining the reading selection.
  • All selections should be available online (via sources like Amazon), in local libraries, and in other accessible sources.
  • Participation is intended for KLC members and KLC related group members 
  • All virtual book club sessions will be moderated, last one hour, and start promptly. 
  • Sessions will be at 12:30 Eastern time.