June 30, 2022

Marathon Petroleum Corporation Community Grants - Ongoing

The Marathon Petroleum Corporation (MPC) offers grants to focus on sustainability, workforce development, and thriving communities. Grants are available to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and tribes for projects and programs to support communities. Preference will be given to programs and projects with measurable outcomes that are most closely aligned with the community investment strategy and focus areas, and that serve the communities where the funding source has a significant presence. 

Marathon Petroleum Corporation has locations in several states including Kentucky. Support is provided by MPC on a competitive basis, based in part on the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the MPC philanthropic mission and focus areas, including workforce development, sustainability, and thriving communities.
  • Mission, history, and accomplishments of the organizations
  • Financial strength, solvency of the organization and delivery of results for any previous MPC support
  • Clarity, reasonableness, and potential impact of the proposal's goals, objectives, and activities to achieve the projected outcomes and address the need(s) behind the request
  • Ability of the organization to leverage MPC's dollars to secure additional resources

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