July 20, 2022

KLC Committee Seeks Board Nominations

The 2022 Kentucky League of Cities, Inc. (KLC) Nominating Committee will soon begin work developing a slate of nominees for KLC officers and the Executive Board. If you are interested in nominating yourself or another person, the Nominating Committee would like to hear from you. The Committee welcomes nominations from current officers, board members, and the general KLC membership.

KLC needs to fill the following positions:

  • Three (3) officers (president, first vice president, and second vice president)
  • Six (6) Executive Board positions, four (4) of which are occupied by current serving Executive Board members who are eligible for reappointment

The Committee will present a slate of nominees to KLC members for a vote at the Annual Business Meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 21, during the KLC Conference & Expo at the Owensboro Convention Center.

Learn about eligibility and the nominating process here.

You can submit a nomination form by electronic mail, regular mail, or fax to the following:

  • Kentucky League of Cities, Inc.
  • c/o Demita Kubala
  • 100 East Vine Street, Suite 800
  • Lexington, KY 40507
  • Fax: 859.977.3703

KLC must receive nominations no later than 5:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022. 

If you have any questions regarding the nomination process or qualifications for office, contact KLC Executive Director/CEO James D. Chaney or Director of Corporate Law & Finance Robyn Miller.