November 17, 2022

2023 Employee Recognition Calendar

The Kentucky League of Cities created a calendar of city-related recognition days, weeks, and months. The calendar can help city officials take simple steps to recognize municipal employees, acknowledge diversity, and highlight public safety and health issues.

View/download the calendar.

Simple ways to use the information:

  • Mention or recognize employees at department or city meetings to acknowledge their professional day, week, or month 
  • Create a proclamation recognizing employees
  • Thank departments and employees on social media
  • Talk with local media about what city employees do for the community during these days, weeks, or months 
  • Have an employee "day in the life" video feature on social media 
  • Highlight long-term and/or new employees in media/social media 
  • Thank employees personally with a note, card, visit, or call 
  • Recognize employees/departments on digital or other types of signage at city hall 
  • Acknowledge special diversity, health, and safety recognitions

For specific resources, Google the day, week, or month.