January 24, 2023

Kentucky 911 Grants - Due March 31

The Kentucky 911 Services Board is accepting applications for 2023 grants. Applications must be submitted by March 31.

Kentucky received $2,312,695 (60%) and must match $1,541,797 (40%). Total project funding will be $3,854,492.

Funding priorities with NG911 Grant include:

  • Kentucky NG911 Road Map
  • GIS Integration Solution
  • Supplemental Data Portal
  • Support KyFromAbove statewide aerial photography initiative

Grants will be scored over three categories:

  • Project description and justification
  • Project finance and sustainment plan
  • Project management

Grant Scoring

  • Reviewed for project, not application.
  • 911 Services Board staff will review all applications to ensure grant application guidelines are followed.
  • All projects will receive a Peer Review and 911 Services Board staff review. The 911 Services Board will make the ultimate award decision and all Board decisions are final.

All award contracts will be initiated between the grant recipient and the Kentucky 911 Services Board only.

Call  502.564.3911 with any questions.

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