March 16, 2023

KLC Survey: Unhoused (Homeless) and Housing in Your City

Unhoused (Homeless) and Housing Insecurity Survey

Many cities are taking action to address the unhoused (homeless), housing insecurity, and unaffordable housing, yet it remains a big concern for communities. As KLC continues to identify best practices, forge partnerships, and delve into resources for cities, one important effort is to learn from cities about what they are doing to address issues impacting the unhoused (homeless) and create housing stock. In the year and a half since KLC began an initiative around homelessness, a lot has happened in our communities.

Please complete this short survey on where your city stands. Your responses will help the Kentucky League of Cities create training and continue to build a repository of resources for Kentucky communities.

KLC offers a webpage dedicated to housing and services for the unhoused