April 20, 2023

Kentucky Firewise Community Grants - Due May 26

Grants of up to $10,000 are available to Kentucky government agencies and nonprofit organizations for projects that protect forestlands in local communities. Funding is intended for activities that benefit areas where urban and wildland areas meet. Priority will be given based on community-at-risk level, the establishment of a local Firewise Council of Board, and the type of project submitted. Grants are awarded for projects to reduce the wildfire risk and/or hazard in Kentucky's wildland/urban interface communities.

The Kentucky Statewide Assessment of Forest Resources and Strategy, June 2010, (Forest Action Plan) listed three important issues, including wildfires, forest health and management, and funding.

Eligible projects:

  • Development of local Firewise USA councils or boards 
  • Communities that have been part of the Firewise USA program for more than two years can apply again, but 70% of their project must direct mitigation.
  • Completion of community wildfire hazard assessments 
  • GIS mapping of at-risk communities 
  • Consulting services to complete a community wildfire hazard assessment(s) or a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) 
  • Firewise USA or fire mitigation activities that follow the intent of the National Fire Plan 
  • Firewise or fire mitigation educational activities or materials that can be used to educate the community. (No structural firefighting educational supplies.) 
  • Signage to identify roads and residences 
  • Mechanical removal or reduction of hazardous fuels 
  • Fuel treatments that increase a community’s defensible space, which could include the leasing or contracting of equipment and other resources to complete       an eligible project
  • Development or improvement of existing fire breaks that provide community mitigation

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