October 5, 2023

Community Forest Grants – Due Jan. 1

Local governments are eligible for United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) - Forest Service grants for activities to conserve forestlands. Funding is intended to support projects involving private forests under threat of conversion to non-forest purposes.

The Community Forest and Open Space Conservation Program (Community Forest Program) of the Forest Service offers a unique opportunity for communities to acquire and conserve forests that provide public access and recreational opportunities, protect vital water supplies and wildlife habitat, serve as demonstration sites for private forest landowners, and provide economic benefits from timber and non-timber products.

Eligible land for grants funded under this program are private forest that provides defined community benefits under CFP and is:

  • At least five acres in size
  • Suitable to sustain natural vegetation
  • At least 75 percent forested
  • Threatened by conversion to non-forest uses
  • Not held in trust by the United States on behalf of any Indian tribe and not tribal allotment lands
  • Offered for sale by a willing seller

Allowable project costs include the purchase price for the property as well as transactional costs related to its acquisition. This includes:

  • Appraisals and appraisal reviews
  • Land surveys
  • Legal and closing costs
  • Development of the Community Forest Plan
  • Title examination

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