April 16, 2024

KLC Hazard Alert: Mowing Safety

The KLC Insurance Services Loss Control team is warning city officials about the hazards of mowing season. A KLC Hazard Alert provides critical issues and considerations for cities and individuals operating mowing equipment. More than 80,000 accidents occur annually with mowing equipment, and 70 people die yearly because of lawn mower-related incidents.

These alarming figures underscore the need for heightened awareness and strict adherence to safety protocols when operating such equipment. As such, we strongly urge anyone involved in lawn equipment operation or maintenance to download and print the KLC Safety Alert. This resource aims to familiarize individuals and their employees with key safety issues, helping to mitigate risks and prevent accidents.

For KLC Insurance Services members, our Loss Control Department is readily available to address any questions or provide additional information on strategies to help reduce risk and liability in your city. Prioritizing safety is paramount; together, we can work towards safeguarding against the inherent dangers associated with mowing season.