April 1, 2022

Assistance to build tennis courts-no deadline

Welcome to the USTA Facility Assistance program. Whether you’re just starting out and dreaming of building a state-of-the-art, multi-court tennis facility, you're interested in 36' or 60' tennis, or you just want to figure out how to repair the cracked courts at the local park down the street, you’re in the right place – the USTA is here to help!

More about this grant.  

To be considered for project funding, communities must:

  • Be actively engaged with the USTA Facility Assistance program (working with USTA-appointed project consultant, etc.). Any project completed prior to engaging the USTA is NOT eligible for funding.
  • Meet specified industry standards forproject as determined by the USTA Facility Assistance program’s technical team.
  • Demonstrate financial need and matching (up to 50 percent) of project funds.

Please read below to gain a better understanding of the technical and financial components of the USTA Facility Assistance Program:
 The USTA Facility Assistance program can offer you and your community assistance with technical and financial, and business development resources. In addition, communities are appointed project consultants from the USTA National staff, who deliver personalized support and service to help take your project from dream to reality.

The USTA Tennis Venue Design Group has partnered with countless organizations, cities, and universities around the nation in their quest to grow the sport of tennis.