May 22, 2020

Ford $1,000 Grants to Upfit Vehicles-Ongoing

Ford Mobility Motoring Program Reimbursement Grants to USA Individuals, Organizations, and Municipalities for Vehicle Adaptations

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Reimbursement grants of up to $1,000 to USA individuals, organizations, churches, nursing homes, and municipalities for installation of equipment that will help people with disabilities.

Funding is intended for equipment that is clearly related to a specific medical need, such as aftermarket alert hearing devices, swivel seats, pedal extensions and running boards, and will require original medical documentation clearly detailing the physical disability or permanent impairment for which the equipment is intended.

This documentation must be prepared by a licensed, certified medical professional.

Vehicle Eligibility
All new Ford cars, vans, CUVs, SUVs, and trucks sold or leased during the program period are eligible in the Ford Mobility Motoring Program.
New vehicles acquired from a U.S. Ford Authorized Pool Converter are also eligible.

Modification and Adaptive Equipment Eligibility:
Adaptive equipment is defined as devices that make it easier for persons with permanent physical disabilities to drive or be transported in a vehicle.
Major structural vehicle modifications to accommodate the installation of a wheelchair lift or ramp must be completed by a Ford-authorized Qualified Vehicle Modifier (QVM) to be eligible for reimbursement.-Raised roof and lowered floor conversions alone do not meet the eligibility requirements. Documentation must show that mobility adaptive equipment (such as a wheelchair lift, ramp or adaptive controls) was installed on the vehicle.- All structural modifications must make the vehicle viably useful for the individual(s) for whom the modification is being made to be eligible for the Ford Mobility Motoring reimbursement.- Non-structural vehicle adaptations (adaptive equipment) such as bolt-on items or driving aids need not be completed by a Ford QVM.

The following types of adaptive equipment are eligible for reimbursement:- Carriers- Door Openers- Hand Controls- Lifts- Parking Brakes- Power Assist Seats- Steering Devices- Wheelchair Restraints.  Some equipment not typically thought of as adaptive equipment will require additional documentation to be deemed eligible. Examples of such equipment are: assist handles, keyless entry, keyless ignition switch, lumbar support, headrest adjustment, pedal extensions, power seats, remote liftgate opener, running boards, seat belt extenders, seat modifications, and special mirrors.

Claims may be made for adaptive equipment required by a family member of the owner or lessee of an eligible vehicle, providing the equipment is permanently fitted to the vehicle.